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18 - Horseshoe Pits

The eastern end of the park is generally the most crowded. One exception to this is the northeast corner of the park, which doesn't get as many visitors. If you want to get away from the crowds, this is a nice area in which to take a walk. It has a mix of wooded areas, and is just hilly enough to have interesting topography.

One of the largely forgotten features of the park is the Horseshoe Pits. It's not the Postrio crowd that hangs out here, and the area seems to call back to an earlier time.

Directly east of the Horseshoe Pits is a hilltop with a pleasant view of the surrounding city. You're up high enough to be safely out of range from errantly thrown horseshoes! Aside from the occasional clank of ringers, this is a fairly peaceful place.

The easiest way to find this place is to start at the northeast corner of the park, at Fulton and Stanyan Streets. Take the well-worn dirt trail toward the left up the hill. Right before the path crests at the top of the hill (you'll see some six-foot metal poles to the left), turn right on a smaller path. Turn right again and then you'll see a clearing to the left of this path, overlooking the horseshoes area. This spot is close to the path and fully visible from it. If your activity warrants privacy, you'll need to be quick or attentive to passersby, particularly on weekends. But it's a pleasant spot, and a good excuse to explore this seldom-visited corner of the park.


13 - Spreckels Lake

14 - 30th Avenue North

15 - Chain of Lakes Drive West

16 - Prayerbook Cross

17 - Whiskey Hill

18 - Horseshoe Pits

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